Agwan Gwuragwu - A Community in Neglect Calling for Government’s Intervention

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Agwan Gwuragwu in Karomajiji is a secluded community for people living with disabilities. The community is located along the airport road by the National Military Cemetry which is after the national stadium in Abuja. One of the major challenges for the inhabitants of Agwan Gwuragu is the absence of a health centre.
A resident of the community, Rabiu Mustapha said that pregnant women and children die of preventable causes due to inadequate health are in the community, “I feel bad because person will be sick from today till tomorrow they will not carry the children to the hospital. If they carry the children to hospital they will know the kind of tablets to give them.
“They will just buy paracetamol N10 buy that N10, buy this N10. Before you know the children don die. It is particularly more challenging for pregnant women who move on wheel chairs to go to hospital and they often resort to self-help to get treatment.”
Mohammed Dantani is Secretary to the chief of physically challenged people in Karomajiji said pregnant women die in the community because getting them to the hospital during emergency is difficult.
“We used to suffer a lot because we have to carry them to at least Wuse, Maitama, Asokoro General Hospital, and from here to that hospital reach 4 or 5 kilometres which is very hard. Movement is somehow for us. We don’t even have car. We used to contribute so that these women have relief,” he said.
The Executive Secretary of Primary Health Care Development Board, Dr Rewan Mohammed said the FCT administration will look into constructing a Primary Health Centre for the community.
“The community complained to us about this issue of health centre. We will look into it with FCT administration will look into that to see if we are going to do the next set of construction of Primary health centre so we construct one around here”. Also the chairman of Abuja Municipal Area Council Alhaji Abdullahi Kandido said the Council will consider making a provision in 2017 budget for a health centre in the community.
He said, “They have made a submission. They are asking for Primary Health Clinic. No matter how small it is, we are going to look into it and ensure that it is provided. But we must work in accordance with the system and procedure, so we are waiting for the budget.”
Most of the inhabitants of Agwan Gwuragwu in Karomajiji have disabilities and many of them rely on begging for livelihood. They said that a Primary Health Centre is essential in providing lifesaving interventions for women and children in the community.